Governor Brown has blocked the release from state hospital of a San Luis Obispo man who was only 13 when he used a skateboard to kill an elderly man nine years ago.

22 year-old Roberto Holguin was set to be released from Patton State Hospital in San Bernardino after a panel of experts deemed him to be rehabilitated and no longer a threat to public safety.

Governor Brown cites a threatening e-mail Holguin allegedly sent to the Governor’s Office two years ago as a major reason for blocking his release.

Because he was a juvenile at the time of the murder,¬† the public never knew the name of the then 13 year old boy who used his skatboard to bludgeon 87 year old Gerald O’Malley to death inside O’Malley’s San Luis Obispo mobile¬† home during a botched robbery attempt back in Febuary 2005.

Governor Brown identifies the now 22 year old Roberto Holguin in a written order to the California Division of Juvenile Justice blocking Holguin’s pending release from Patton State Hospital.

In his order, Governor Brown cites a 2012 decision to block Holguin’s previously scheduled release after he told hospital staff he would re-offend if he was let go.

The Governor also cites a disturbingly violent, graphic and threatening e-mail Holguin sent the Governor in 2012 after allegedly hacking into a state-owned computer while in custody.

The e-mail quotes Holguin threatening to kill Governor Brown if he’s released from custody.

Back in 2005, Holguin avoided state prison after his attorney convinced the judge the boy suffered from brain damage after years of physical abuse from his family.