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Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2014 12:01 am

Locals prepare for skateboard competition this weekend


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The Tinnell Memorial Skate Park is hosting its first skateboard competition this weekend and local skateboarders Kaiden Cirby, Kyle Foster and Austin Ashbaugh will be competing in the CA Pro/Am skateboard competition as unsponsored amateurs.

Foster and Cirby both said they have been working hard to get ready for the competition.

“I skate the park a lot and come up with lines of tricks I can do every time,” Cirby said about preparing for the contest, “but there are tricks that are still difficult.

“We have to get our trick consistency up,” Foster said. “We have to take care of our bodies, and eat healthy.”

Both Cirby and Foster have different styles of skateboarding and they hope to use their strengths to their advantage.

“I’m more of a handrail kind of guy,” Cirby said, who seemed to effortlessly glide down the hand rails at the skate park.

Foster, 23, said his strengths are in grinding on ledges.

Cirby, 18, will be competing with a broken wrist but he said he doesn’t worry about getting hurt. He said skateboarding is a mental game, “You’ve got to approach the trick knowing you are going to land it.”


Foster, Cirby, and Ashbaugh, who could not be reached, are sponsored by Utility Board Supply, but since it is not a nationally recognized sponsor they will compete in the unsponsored amateur competition on Friday and Saturday. If they perform well enough they will be selected to compete in the sponsored amateur contest on Saturday afternoon, according to Jeff Jewett, president of CA Productions, the company running the competition.

Jewett said he isn’t sure how many unsponsored amateurs he will move up to the sponsored amateur competition. He said it depends on performance.

“There’s a lot of good skaters who haven’t been recognized,” Jewett said about the skaters in the unsponsored amateur bracket. “I want to give them a chance.

There will be two pro events including the riot race on Friday night, which consists of head-to-head racing where the last man standing will win the competition, according to Jewett.

On Saturday night, the Bounty in the Bowl contest will be comprised of a list of tricks invented by the legends of skateboarding. The competitors will recreate these tricks in their own style and collect bounties, according to Jewett.

The final event will be a best trick contest on the 14-stair staircase and handrail.

Jewett said cash prizes, as much as $2,000, will be awarded to professional and amateur contest winners.

Jewett said he is excited about the Tinnell Memorial Skate Park’s inaugural competition because he thinks the park is amazing and skateboarders have already made pilgrimages to the park.

“It’s great for a first-year event that we got so much support,” Jewett said. “There’s a good chance if the kids come they’ll see some of their favorite skaters.”

Pro skateboarders Mike “Lizard King” Plumb, Andy McDonald, and Erik Ellington are expected to make an appearance at the competition. Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs because seating is limited.

“This is what this city needs,” Cirby said. “Not only will it be good for the youth, it’ll be good for the city in general.”

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Thursday, March 27, 2014 12:01 am.


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